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Wind Mitigation 101

March 27, 2022 Reid McDaniel Season 1 Episode 3
McDaniel Insurance Solutions
Wind Mitigation 101
Show Notes

On this episode of the McDaniel Insurance Solutions podcast we talk about Wind Mitigation Reports.  What are they, do you need them, and what discounts can they have on my property.

If your home was built prior to 2005 it is a good idea to get a wind mitigation report done.  If your home was built in 2005 or later the discount is typically already applied to your policy without the report.

Wind mitigations are valid for 5 years and a new wind mitigation report is not required to shop your insurance.

If you are purchasing a home the seller's wind mitigation may be used.  If you live in a condominium the association typically has a copy for your building.

Wind mitigations should be completed by a licensed home inspector or contractor.

This podcast is intended as a resource, a licensed insurance agent should be consulted.

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